About us

Welcome to our Diving Club on Kalymnos!


Our Diving School’s Origins

Our love for the sea and for scuba diving in conjunction with our grandparents heritage in diving and in sponge diving push us to establish Kalymnos Diving Club… Discover and Enjoy! We are ready, what about you?

True Range of Services

On top of all that, when we say that we know what we do – we can prove it. Just take a look at the variety of our diving services!

Why Is Diving So Popular?

Since the times diving was just a job for native islanders, the idea of enjoying the underwater scenery has always been popular. These days, with so much more technically-sound equipment and safety measures in place, scuba diving became highly accessible!

Training Facilities

Our experienced trainers offer you training facilities and certification by ANDI.

Diving Spots

We dive around Kalymnos and the small islands around, such as:





which are full of flore, fish, caverns, caves, walls, reefs, wrecks, volcanos, and rare species. All these in crystal clear warm water with a visibility of over 30 meters.

How to become our member

See the underwater world with your own eyes.
– Free transfer from diving spots.
– Full diving equipment (in good condition).
– Certified supervisors.