Trip Back in Time

Trip Back in Time

Coming from an old sponge fishing family Dimitris can show you all the old techniques of diving.

Skandalopetra: A heavy rock that was used to help the divers to reach the bottom of the ocean fast.

Fernez nargile: These are breathing devises, diving suits with air compressor, which provides air to the boat. Diving suit which helps the diver to remain in the water using for a long time, using the umbilical cord which provides him/her with air.

The skafandro is a large suit which covers the entire body apart of the head. The head is covered with a metallic helmet.


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Dimitris Nystazos

Dimitris Nystazos is a diving instructor from Kalymnos and the owner of Kalymnos Diving Club. Currently, there is no other diver using the traditional diving suite. He has a long experience in proffesional diving and immense passion for his job. He is a certified as an instructor, a lifeguard and has over the years taken part in various relative jobs from preparing new divers to surfacing sunk vessels

Whether you are just a hobbyist diver who looks for some fun on Kalymnos island, or an experienced adrenaline junkie and a pro – we’ve got both the diving lesson/event and equipment for you!