Beginners diving

Beginners diving

Is it your first time trying scuba diving? Then it’s the right time to trust our experienced instructors to guide you under the sea. In your first dive you can have the opportunity to see bombs, mines and an aero plane machine from the II World War. This unique experience is also afforded to experienced divers as well.


  • Private demonstration     €00.00

Dimitris Nystazos

Dimitris Nystazos is a diving instructor from Kalymnos and the owner of Kalymnos Diving Club. Currently, there is no other diver using the traditional diving suite. He has a long experience in proffesional diving and immense passion for his job. He is a certified as an instructor, a lifeguard and has over the years taken part in various relative jobs from preparing new divers to surfacing sunk vessels

Whether you are just a hobbyist diver who looks for some fun on Kalymnos island, or an experienced adrenaline junkie and a pro – we’ve got both the diving lesson/event and equipment for you!